Prince-Lund Engineering, PLC
Experienced Civil and Structural Engineering

Prince-Lund Engineering, PLC is a civil and structural engineering private practice that provides engineering services to professionals. We provide engineering from Traverse City, Michigan and are easily within reach throughout the state.

We're inclusive.

We're a small, mobile, professional design services, civil and structural engineering consultancy that encourages designer collaboration and input to create exceptional buildings, real estate developments and infrastructure works.

Collaboration from designers and other professionals across different locales, specialties, and experiences produce developments that are wonderful, efficient, beautiful, practical, spectacular and bankable. It’s a better method of design delivery that can't be had from a traditional design firm.

Civil and Structural Engineering

Small or grandiose, a development project is someone’s brainchild who wants the brightest people to design, manage, construct, and implement their work. To provide the best professionals for each project, we select from our network of similarly minded, independent professionals that best fit the client's and project's needs. The owner gets the right professionals every time.

Inclusive design belongs to the owner, developer, and client that want exceptional service and value.

Contact us. You'll enjoy what you can build with Prince-Lund.

What you'll find at Prince-Lund Engineering is that we're prompt, we're accessible and we stand by our work.

What's your benefit when you work with Prince-Lund Engineering, PLC?
Property owners and developers save money;
Construction contractors save time; and,
Land professionals increase their business.

Prince-Lund Engineering, PLC. Engineering. Simply.

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Prince-Lund Engineering
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