Client Testimonials

Prince-Lund Engineering, PLC has the best clients. We are flattered and honored to receive these testimonials:

"Richard's expertise and thoroughness shows on every project. Time was of the essence and money is time. I never met a gentlemen like Richard that had the ability to evaluate varying situations quickly. Richard's record keeping exceeded all expectations. He has the ability to quickly evaluate varying situations even outside his expertise with great results. With out a doubt, Richard is a leader in every sense of the word. Good luck Rick."

Ken Risselade, Electrical Consultant

"Richard engineers innovative solutions for specific water treatment situations and follows through to ensure performance."

Andra DuPont, Homeowner

"You will find Rick persistent, with a global perspective of an activity and program, sensitive to politics, and the skills to organize and manage any program. An asset to any organization."

Tim Parrott, Independent Consultant, Former Director of Facilities, River Rock Casino and Greektown Casino-Hotel

"Rick is an excellent engineer with a first class education and broad professional background. His situational analysis and diagnosis abilities are impeccable affording immediate trust relating to the scope and magnitude of upcoming projects and capital spending requirements.

I was fortunate to be able to rely upon his experience, knowledge and skills to assist in making critical decisions regarding the overall infrastructure renewal and renovation requirements during pre-purchase due diligence and for the future operational well being and capital funding for the Grand Traverse Resort & Spa. Rick is an excellent person to work with, I recommend him highly and would be very pleased to work with him again in the future."

Andrew Bateman, Author, Former General Manager, Grand Traverse Resort & Spa and Director of Operations, Grand Casinos, Inc.

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We’re inclusive, not exclusive. That means engineering is discussed in a way that’s easy, understandable and productive. You’ll enjoy what you can build with Prince-Lund Engineering, PLC.

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