About Prince-Lund Engineering, PLC

Prince-Lund Engineering, PLC began as Richard E. Prince, PE, Consulting Engineer in 2003 in the Traverse City, Michigan region and has effectively delivered engineering design and construction project management to satisfied and successful clients. Mark A. Lund, PE, joined in 2016 and has only made the partnership better.

It is the People, Not the Firms, that Make Your Project Successful.

Co-founder Richard E. (Rick) Prince, PE, and Mark A. Lund, PE each has 30 years experience performing environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, and civil engineering, construction project management, and contract management of individual projects valued at over $50 million.

We understand that when you hire an engineer, you will come back because of an individual's service. An engineering firm, even one well established with a long record of success, is only as good as the individual that is providing you the service.

How can adding Prince-Lund Engineering improve your projects and business?

How We Work

We're not an engineering firm per se. We're different. We operate as an engineering private practice that gives you a better form of engineering delivery:

  • Personal and responsive service.
  • No hand-offs to inexperienced staff.
  • Clean work.
  • No surprises.

Prince-Lund Engineering Works Like You Do

With the tools and sharing available to engineers today, you can receive the right work on large projects from a small entity. Just consider what you do: you create large projects from your small office by using better tools, good people and adding components to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

What does this mean to you? Everything you expect from an engineer:

Solid design, quality drawings, tight estimates, budget control, and one thing you may not get, responsiveness.

Oh. And we're available. 24-7 if you need it.

With us you won't find architecture, landscape architecture, or planning services. Instead, we collaborate with excellent professionals. If you're an expert in those fields, call us; we want to talk to you about working together.

Prince-Lund Engineering, PLC. Engineering. Simply.

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