Development of FRPpro™ Reinforced Composites Design Software

I have a strong passion for using reinforced composites in the design of concrete and masonry structures where they make good sense to do so.  My name is Richard E. Prince, P.E.  I am a practicing, licensed professional engineer located in Michigan (USA) and have been doing so for over 25 years.

Engineering with Reinforced Composites

For many years now, I have been working with fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite manufacturers helping them with FRP design for their customers and in doing that provided FRP reinforcement and strengthening consultation and design for structures all over the world.  In order to do that effectively, I have invested hundreds of hours developing spreadsheets that help me calculate the FRP reinforcement requirements for these projects in accordance with the American Concrete Institute (ACI) Committee 440.

I have also discovered that many very good structural engineers have the understanding and foresight to consider reinforced composites in their designs, but just do not have the tools needed to make the design process simple.

I thought that there could be a possibility that the spreadsheet tools that I developed for myself could be helpful to other engineers, so I shared them with a few colleagues.  To my surprise, they loved them!  I was taken aback when they said my spreadsheets not only performed the required calculations, but also helped them understand the ACI design process and its limitations.

With more effort, I used Microsoft Excel VBA language to help automate the design process further and to make the spreadsheets easy to understand and presentable in any engineering report.

Wanting to spread the design knowledge I have with all engineers considering FRP composite design, I developed these software applications.  They are simply Excel applications that have been compiled to lock the VBA code and certain calculation cells so that you can be sure that you are not getting corrupted results (It also keeps the spreadsheets from corruption by file copying).

As I said before, I have spent hundreds of hours developing these spreadsheet applications totaling thousands of dollars.  I want you to have them in exchange for a nominal price to help me offset my development time (believe me; it takes untold hours putting together and keeping up with a product worth making).

Download FRPpro

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Try it First

If you now, or are considering, reinforced composite reinforcement or strengthening of structures design, I am certain you will love these applications but I don’t want you to buy them (just yet).  I want to make sure that these programs work for you and that you consider them valuable.

I offer a 5-day trial period on each program.  In fact, I insist you use the trial version before you are able to purchase a registration key!  The trial versions are fully functional to try with real data, but you cannot save your data in the trial mode.  Once you test the program yourself, you will see that my asking price is well worth the value you receive. 

You will recover your purchase cost of my FRPpro™ software on your first design project, no matter how big or small!

Download FRPpro™ HERE!

Learn more about FRPpro

Free Updates

In addition, with your purchase, I will give you free updates of the software for one full year (and believe me there will be many in the next few years!)

So, download your free, trial version of FRPpro™ and use it on your next design project, or follow along the design examples in the ACI 440 committee guidance documents.  You will get a better understanding of the design process and will be confident of your FRP reinforcement designs.

Download FRPpro

Learn more about FRPpro

For More Information

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